Passout City

10″ album / digital (2016) A1) Passout City A2) Barricades A3) Deadbeat A4) Fuck The Cups (And Fuck U2) A5) Shotgun Jesus A6) Dyed Hair – Don’t Care B1) Around My Corner B2) I’ve Had Enough B3) Spacejunk B4) Punch You In The Throat B5) Trendy Wendy

Big Lie

LP / digital (2014) A1) New Reality A2) This World Won’t Bring Us Down A3) Left For Dead A4) Motorcycle Gang A5) Absinth Down A6) Born To Consume A7) Dead Hearts B1) Under The Same Sun B2) Anti B3) Never Forget B4) All You Traitors B5) Waste Your Life B6) Turn Away B7) I Hate…